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Survey – Have we hit the Housing Market Bottom Yet?

Hello Happy Bloggers! It felt like spring today, perhaps that’s the reason home showings we UP! There are all kind of ways to forecast the real estate market, One of the best is found on a web site called “ ”. As you can imagine, builders are very interested in deciding how to adjust their business plans based on likely home sales. in conjunction with Handley Wood Market Intelligence, just debuted there metric system for determining market with the best and least potential for 2009. Raleigh real estate came in a strong #6 in projected strong markets for 2009. The first five spots where taken by Texas. We tar heels hate to loose to Texas, but they are 5 times our state’s size. North Carolina came up with 3 spots on the top 15 Hot List of the Healthiest Housing Markets. They listed Raleigh first at the #6 spot, Charlotte hung in there with a #12 spot and Wilmington ranked #14.
As I’ve stated before, when you see the first signs of recovery, we are on our way up. I’ve always known North Carolina real estate is a great buy. Now, we’re seeing the positive headlines come once again to the tar heel state. See this article and click here to e-mail me your thoughts on “have we hit the bottom yet.”

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