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Is now the time to buy – or should you wait?

Hello bloggers, thanks for stopping by today. I’m on a two day roll of adding info to my blog. I am doing this so YOU will begin to feel confident that NOW is the time to buy a home instead of waiting on “everyone” else to figure it out. Using facts, not emotion, is the way to make a solid decision. When you think about all the negative emotion that the 24/7 news media has injected into our lives for the last year, it’s a wonder we can even think at all! Here are some facts to consider:

  • North Carolina ranks among the lower half of US states for foreclosed homes
  • NC state chartered banks are better equipped than many national banks to handle loan losses. It also means that it is much easier to get a loan with a lower down payment than other more distressed states in the US. To find the very best loan available right now – click here.
  • In January of 2009, while US foreclosure rates were 18% higher, NC foreclosures DECREASED 29.3%

Come by again tomorrow and I promise to give you three more reasons to make the decision to buy a home NOW versus waiting for the news media to find some “good news.” Raleigh real estate and Cary real estate continue to be a value, but the secret is beginning to surface. DO NOT WAIT until everyone else gets their emotions under control – buy a home when you’re supposed to buy a home – IN A BUYERS MARKET!

Take Care – God Bless and stop by again tomorrow.


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