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Triangle Residents Want Better Transportation Options

Triangle residents want better transportation options and are willing to have an increase in taxes to help fund public transportation in the area, according to a survey done by Fallon Research out of Columbus, OH. The survey was done for the Regional Transportation Alliance, a nonprofit Triangle business group who lobbies for transportation improvements in the Triangle Area.

The phone survey was done in early March and 58% of those polled said they would vote in favor of a half-cent increase in local sales tax to pay for a network of rail transit and more buses. The surprising part of the survey is that a majority of people polled do not currently use public transit, but are in favor of increasing it in the Triangle area to benefit others who do utilize it.

Poll Results:

• 9% use public transit and 69% do not use it.
• 23% of public transit users are between the ages of 18 and 29.
• 32% of those polled would use a new expanded bus system frequently.
• 43% said they would use a train system if made available.
• 29% of those polled believed that travel between Wake, Durham and Orange counties should be the highest priority for an improved transit system.
• 27% of people polled felt that travel to Research Triangle Park should be the highest priority.
• 5% of those surveyed felt that more public transportation choices would improve the area’s quality of life.

Elected officials in the Triangle area are in the process of developing a long-range plan for an improved transit system. It is expected that in 2011 or 2012 a local referendum on whether to increase sales tax to fund transit will be held.

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