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Commuter Rail in Triangle's Future?

Many feel the Triangle area is lacking in transportation options, so there have been many different ideas proposed to relieve this problem in the years to come. With the population in the Triangle area growing and the future population growth expected to rise, it is essential that something be done to help the flow of traffic. International transportation planning consultant, Steer Davies, was hired by The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCCR) to do a study on what motion rail could do to improve the Triangle area. The findings of the study were released recently at the Progress in Motion rail conference which was held in downtown Raleigh. Does this mean a commuter rail is in the Triangle’s future?

In this proposed study the rail line would travel through Raleigh, Durham and Cary. Chapel Hill will be left out, as the report found that there was just not enough demand from this area. The study showed that there is great ridership potential between downtown Greensboro and Burlington and in the greater Triangle area from Princeton to Durham.

This study was done as a follow-up to the 2008 NCCR study that found it would be easy to operate a commuter rail service on the same tracks that carry the Norfolk Southern freight trains and the Amtrak passenger trains.

Getting from one place to another can sometimes be a feat in itself, but the Triangle area is trying to make it easier for all residents to move about. Wouldn’t you love to live in an area that has its citizens in mind? The Triangle is just such an area. If you are interested in buying a home in the Triangle area, now is the time to contact Marti Hampton and let her and her team at RE/MAX One Realty help you find a perfect home in Raleigh or the surrounding area.

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