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Pricing Your Home to Sell

In today’s competitive Triangle real estate market, it is important when you are selling your home that it stands out above the rest. Many struggle to decide if they want to price their home high with the expectation that buyers will bargain them down in the end, or to price their home low enough to attract the attention of buyers from the get go.

The pricing of your home is an important decision and you must take into consideration the competition. Knowing the price of properties that recently sold in your neighborhood is also a good starting point. It can be difficult to price your home competitively if you know that you will be receiving less than you paid for it. It is essential though that those sellers be realistic in this difficult market.

Many experts tend to agree that pricing the home high with the idea of coming down later is a big mistake that sellers make. With the real estate market flooded with homes for sale, you want yours to stand out as a good value. First impressions are everything, and the amount of traffic your home gets in the first week it is on the market is five to seven times what it will get in the weeks that follow. If you lower the price of your home after a few weeks on the market you are likely to draw attention from a smaller audience than you did when you first listed the home.

If you are interested in selling a home in the Triangle area, now is the time to contact Marti Hampton and let her and her team at RE/MAX One Realty help you find a perfect home in Raleigh or the surrounding area.

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