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How to Move Fast Without Losing Money

Marriage. Divorce. New babies. Elderly care. Sometimes, people need to move into a new home fast—without losing money.

In the real estate industry, it is common knowledge that if you want to start a new chapter in a new home—and you need to do it rapidly—you can with some of the current opportunities out there. But are these opportunities truly the best options for your financial future?

Many times, we see home buyers losing big chunks of money for the convenience of moving quickly. Triangle real estate mogul Marti Hampton explains that what gives us this need for speed is the height of the real estate market season, such that we are in currently. Everybody knows that spring is the time sellers put their homes on the market.

If you need to move fast—but can’t afford to lose too much money doing so—you can have your cake and eat it, too. Here are two scenarios that illustrate how to move into a new home speedily without being gouged for the snappy turnaround.

Scenario Number One

Scenario Number One

You are a home buyer and qualify for a loan. However, it is a low down payment loan. Because of this small loan, you have either a) not made a bid on a house yet; or b) you have made some bids and you’ve lost. This could be due to other offers from buyers offering large down payments or even cash. These buyers close fast, and you keep coming up short to your competition. Things may seem hopeless, but we’ve got your answer!

We met with a new partner last week that will actually buy your new home and pay cash for it in 17 days. Your offer will close quickly. The best part: You can move in and rent the home until your loan is in place. Then, you can buy that home back at the same price the investor purchased it!

If you’re buying in the $150,000–$350,000 price range, there is a shortage of inventory—and that won’t change in the next couple years. In the Triangle area, there will continue to be low inventory in these more affordable price ranges. Waiting to buy a home in this price range may not be a wise decision. Everybody knows that spring is the time sellers put their homes on the market.

We have made it possible for you to take advantage of the largest inventory that we are going to have all year long. We have an investor that will help you buy the house that you want by paying cash. Then, you move in and pay exactly what that investor paid when you are able.

Scenario Number Two

Scenario Number Two

You already own a home, and you want to buy another. Let’s say all of your equity is tied up in your present home. Contingency offers are off the table. You know that your offer, if you made one, would not be accepted.

In order to rectify this issue, our partner will make an all cash offer on the home you want on your behalf. You can move in and buy back the home once your current house is sold. Meanwhile, we will sell your current home and achieve FULL MARKET VALUE. This is such a great option for you. (Tip: Learn the value of your home here.)

In short, exciting things are happening in your local real estate market! Do not be fooled into thinking you can’t participate. You have stakes in the game! We’ll show you where and how to use them.

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