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Q: Are You Stressed About Selling Your Home Before Finding Your Next Home?

Today I’ll answer a few questions from those who are buying and selling at the same time.

“What if I sell my home before I find my next home? What are my options?”

I’ve been receiving this question quite a lot lately. Before I sell any home, I want to know what the homeowner’s main goals are. Often, a seller’s main goal is to get the highest price for their home. It used to be that sellers had to sell their home before they could buy a new one, but in today’s fast-moving market, homeowners are more in control of every facet of the home sale than ever before—including the closing date, the price, and the occupancy.

You have a lot more options in today’s market than ever before.

The Triangle housing market is shrinking as our inventory melts away from the bottom to the top. That’s the reason our homeowners have more control when they sell, especially in moderately priced neighborhoods. If you haven’t sold your home and want the comfort of knowing where your next home will be, consider getting a bridge loan. Alternatively, you could have one of our investors buy your next home, move into it until your current one is sold, and then close on your new home at the same price.

The bottom line is that you have a lot more options in today’s market than ever before. Here’s a hint: If you’re selling a lower-priced home in a busy area, you can name your price and terms. There’s so much demand right now, but at the same time, don’t let an inexperienced agent handle your transaction for you. Hire a top professional to get you the top price and terms; you may not get every single thing that you want, but you’ll come closer with a strong agent negotiating on your behalf.

I’d like to apply for the job of being your experienced agent, so if you’re thinking of selling your house and buying a new one, reach out to me today. I’d be honored to assist you.

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