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Add HUGE VALUE to Your Home With These Remodeling Projects

Add HUGE VALUE to Your Home With These Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling has become a huge trend in the USA, and many people struggle to keep up. It seems like what buyers want is shifting every year, and trends make it difficult for homeowners to predict what will bring in a profit.

Instead of chasing what’s popular, make timeless changes that can add value to your property, whether you list it tomorrow or next year.

Update Your Kitchen

Kitchens are called the heart of the home, and to many homebuyers, it’s true. We gather in these spaces to cook together and connect, so we must put a lot of work into ensuring that people will want to pick this space. 

When updating your kitchen, go for the changes that will make the most impact. These are things like replacing out-of-date appliances, refinishing the cabinets instead of replacing them, and ensuring the fixtures and faucets are new and dazzling. 

You can completely gut your kitchen and start from scratch, but homeowners who do smaller updates bring larger comparative profits.

Consider Finishing an Attic Bedroom

Many of us only use our attics as storage, but did you know that adding a finished bedroom can add twenty to thirty thousand dollars to the value of your home? If you have an attic with the size and space for it, consider finishing a portion of it and creating a bedroom. You don’t have to turn your entire attic into a bedroom, but creating a sizable extra room can be a huge selling point to buyers. This is especially useful if your home is low on rooms and only has one or two before the update.

Although building onto a building can be another way to add value to a property, it can often be harder to make this space blend into the rest of the home and isn’t usually a very cost-effective option.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency can make a large impact on how much the buyers’ monthly bills will be. Try to make it as energy efficient as possible by updating your insulation and replacing any windows or doors that need it. This could mean purchasing low e vinyl windows that don’t allow air through or updating your door so that it fits perfectly against the frame. These updates ensure that no air or insects get in and that your property is better prepared for every season.

Add Smart Home Features

Buyers are looking for homes that can allow them to live more eco consciously. A small update that can make a massive impact is to add a smart thermostat. These devices allow homeowners to adjust the temperature when they’re not home, set schedules, and create better usage styles so that they use less power and save money in the long run. Smart features can range from smart lights to built-in smart home devices. Allowing your property to have updated technology in it will push buyers to view it as extremely up-to-date, even if it’s not.

Replace Out of Date Siding

When’s the last time your siding was updated? The average siding that was put in twenty to thirty years ago was only built to last twenty to thirty years: so it may be time to update. On the other hand, a lot of newer siding can last thirty to fifty years, giving your home the chance to be protected for longer. Ensure that you go for a stylish look, like board and batten siding that will catch the eye of buyers and increase your curb appeal. If you know you’re going to be selling before it needs to be updated again, avoid using any bright or flashy colors since these can affect the property’s value and ability to sell.

Update Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an oasis away from the rest of the world. We start our days here with a shower and brushing our teeth and end them in the same place. So it’s a good idea to update your bathrooms, so they feel as luxurious as possible. This could mean adding a heated bathroom floor or ensuring the finishings match beautiful black bathroom fixtures.

Take the time to ensure that all updates are built to last. Look at what type of paint you’re using and what tiles and finishings you’re adding to ensure that they can handle a bathroom’s moisture and heat. Although you may assume all tile is good in most circumstances, it’s better to be safe than accidentally selling a home that’s not built to last. 

Remodeling Your Home Can Build Profit

Whether your home is over a hundred or just turned twenty years old: things can get out of date quickly. Updating your property in the places it counts will ensure that you make as much possible when you sell. Although you don’t have to do all of these updates, follow through with the ones your home needs most. Your wallet will thank you!

Andrea Erickson is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. She is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Andrea is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. 

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